When will I get the vaccine?

I got a letter the other day about the Covid vaccine. However, it wasn’t for
me; it was for my PA.

I have 2 PAs, and both have received letters saying they could get the
vaccine. One of them has had his first dose, but the other hasn’t had it yet.

The PA who hasn’t had the jab yet lives in Wales, so this complicated matters as only care workers registered with a GP in England can book a Covid vaccination.

So I think that he will be getting his vaccination sometime when he goes back to Wales.

I haven’t heard anything about myself getting the vaccine yet, so I’m not
sure when I will be next in line.

I have heard that some of my friends have had the vaccine. Some of which
have a similar level of disability to me and others have a bit more severe
disability. So I was starting to wonder when I would be offered the jab.

I wasn’t actually sure whether I was classified as clinically extremely vulnerable or not. I never even got a letter telling me to shield last year or this year, so maybe I am not on the government’s radar.

A friend asked if I had registered as clinically disabled, and I didn’t
realise I had to. All this time, I thought that I would already be in the
system, but it seems not. It would explain why I hadn’t received any letters
from them about shielding or the vaccination.

So about a year after the pandemic started, I finally registered as
clinically vulnerable online at this website.

I had to use my NHS number and answer a few questions to register, such as whether I need someone to do the shopping for me. I already have someone to do that for me, but hopefully, now I will be in the system.

Maybe in a couple of weeks, I will get a letter.

My mum has also mentioned to the GP about a vaccine for me, so hopefully,
they won’t forget.

Before they started giving people the vaccine, I was unsure about it in the
back of my mind, given that it’s been developed in record time.

But I have not heard about any severe side effects from the vaccine.
Millions of people have been vaccinated so far, so we would probably be aware by now if there were any adverse effects.

Plus, from what I’ve read, safety checks have not been rushed or skipped.
They still did the same clinical trials they usually would do but just quicker.
And it has been assessed by the MHRA, which is independent, so that is another level of reassurance. So I am confident that the vaccine is safe, and I look forward to receiving my first dose.

Have you had your Covid jab yet? How did it go?

What do you think?

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