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About Me

Greetings friends! I am Alex, and welcome to my blog!20160809_164242

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 27, from the UK and  I am a Powerchair user; so most of what I have written about so far is disability related.

But I’m versatile, as evidenced by this award, which was bestowed upon me by one of my
many (three) screaming fans. I have many interests including science, technology, philosophy, sports, TRAVELLING and many others which I may write about.

If you feel like looking at any of my posts I can suggest the following which seem to be my greatest hits so far:

The Three Types of Handshakers

Devotees: Exploring the disability fetish

11 Perks of Being Disabled

5 Problems with Disabled Toilets

Artificial Intelligence: How Robots Could Help The Disabled

Lagos, Portugal: a Beautifully Accessible Holiday Destination

There are many other posts that you might enjoy, so if you like any of the above then please do feel free to check out some of the others!

All comments are welcome, whether it is to lavish me with praise or shower me with insults. I can take it.

Seriously though, go easy on the insults. I’m a delicate flower haha

0 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Alex!
    I can see your aspirations in life, and I commend you for that. Please do keep on writing about your passion, as in my country, we don’t have skiing as one of our sports, but believe me, I am interested in knowing more about such sport.
    Have a happy blogging!

    Sueju Takeshi.

    1. Hi Sueju

      Thanks very much for your comment. I appreciate your support! I have had a look at your blog too. It’s very impressive, you write about so many different things.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi Alex, I have watched you grow up through your Aunt Theresa, She is one of my best friends.I have a son Craig whom I adopted with similar disabilities so we are always advocating equality and awareness. Just found your blog and I know Craig will be ‘stoked’ to follow you. We went to Paris last year, all I can say is the Metro is an undeniable adventure when the lifts are out of action ! Keep blogging matey.

    1. Hi Diane, Nice to meet you. Thanks very much for looking at my blog! I hope Craig finds some of my ramblings interesting. Yes the Metro is definitely an experience! Not one that I would like to repeat though ha ha

  3. Bravo Alex! I am happy to read that you are looking at both sides of the coin. I live in the US, but have traveled throughout the UK and Europe extensively. I love the old buildings, but realize they are literally archaic in structure, with little chance for changing to accommodate the needs of the disability challenged. Thankfully, new buildings have also sprung up, and even better you seem to know this. It is my hope that you will keep on making a difference just by being out and about. The more people who show up for change will be counted in as change slowly but pray, slowly begins to happen!

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