Anyone for Botox?

Today I left the safety of my home and bravely ventured out into the wild badlands of Lincoln to do battle with the infected hordes.

Okay, maybe that was a bit over dramatic.

I went and got some Botox injections in my hands at Lincoln County Hospital. No, the Botox is not for cosmetic reasons. My hands look young enough already. The reason is to help relax the muscles in my hands so that they will open easier.

Recently I have been getting what looked like athlete’s foot in my hands because they are close most of the time so they get a bit sweaty. Sexy, I know!

This was the first time I had been into Lincoln since March so it was quite a novelty. I was surprised by the number of cars on the road considering we are supposed to be in lockdown. It seemed like just a normal day traffic wise.

We waited in the car until five minutes before my appointment to minimise the amount of time we would be in there. I didn’t see any other patients in the Department which was a relief. I was worried that there would be a lot of people there but there was only the staff which made me feel better.

I wore a surgical mask and a visor and my glasses were steaming up as I breathed. The visor also wasn’t very clear in places so it was sometimes a bit tricky to see where I was going. But I made it in without crashing.

In the consultation room the doctor, who seemed to be wearing TWO  masks, asked me about how I was. Because everyone was wearing face masks I found it difficult to understand what they were saying as I need to lipread.

I used a live transcribe app on my phone which worked reasonably well transcribing what people were saying. The doctor did have an Indian accent though which I think may have confused the app. It didn’t seem to pick up exactly what he said but bits of it it managed to catch and I could fill in the gaps.

I had four Botox injections in the back of each hand which wasn’t too painful thankfully. Beforehand I had wondered whether they would try to do the injections from a safe distance, maybe by throwing the needles like darts at me. But luckily they didn’t do that as their aim probably wouldn’t have been that good.

We weren’t in there for long, probably about half an hour at most so I felt pretty comfortable and safe. I didn’t encounter any other people in the corridors either because it was only a short distance from the entrance to the Department, so that was good.

As much as I enjoyed this little excursion, I hope I don’t have to visit the hospital again any time soon.



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