A Short Story: Beware The Raccoons


“Damn those raccoons!”

John muttered angrily to himself as he awkwardly peered under the boardwalk.

“That was my favourite hat as well”

The raccoons in this park had a habit of stealing from unfortunate visitors. It’s almost like they are trying to intimidate everyone and assert their authority. Like a small furry mafia.

John wasn’t the first victim today, and he probably won’t be the last. These raccoons are cunning. They are not like the average raccoons. They are masters of timing, and will strike their victims when the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Right now John’s favourite hat was being stashed away in a secret hiding place under the boardwalk. A safe place where the raccoons store all their loot. It’s viciously defended.

No sooner had John stuck his head underneath the boardwalk then a blaze of claws started scratching at his face. John lept back startled.

“Well” he said with a sigh, “I guess I can always buy a new hat anyway.”

This story is a response to the Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers challenge. The aim is to write a short story in less than 175 words based on the above photo. This story is 160 words.

Photo Credit: Yinglan


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