SwetWipes Review: A Good Alternative To a Shower

Imagine if you can’t have a shower or a bath one day for some reason. Maybe you have gone camping, or perhaps you have a disability and are bedbound. You might end up feeling a bit grungy. Well, SwetWipes Antibacterial Body Hygiene Wipes might be a solution. Read on for a review of my experience with SwetWipes.

Disclaimer: I was gifted two packs of SwetWipes in exchange for an honest review of them. This post contains my honest opinion about the wipes to help you decide if they could be useful to you.

Also, this post contains Amazon affiliate links. So if you decide to buy something after clicking on the link I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

The wipes

A packet of SwetWipes

SwetWipes are an adult version of baby wipes which are manufactured by a company based in Sussex, UK. They are designed to be an easy alternative to taking a shower that still keeps you clean. For example, if you are camping and don’t have access to a shower, then these could be used instead.

A packet of SwetWipes with a wipe laid out next to it. A ruler lays next to the wipe for reference. The wipe is as long as the ruler.

The wipes are designed so that only one is needed to clean the whole body. They are quite large (measuring 30 cm x 20 cm) are thick and contain a lot of liquid.

A man's hand pulls it wipe out of the packet of SwetWipes

SwetWipes are antibacterial and contain Chlorhexidine which is used in hospitals as a disinfectant. So they do seem to be effective at killing BO-causing bacteria. The wipes also have a light coconut scent which I found pleasant.


After using the wipes, I was struck by how quickly I was washed and dressed. Usually, when I have a shower, it takes about half an hour to get ready. But using the wipes, I was all done in about 10 minutes. So if I don’t have time to have a shower one morning, then these wipes would be a great help.

SwetWipes would be great for when I go to music festivals where I usually can’t have a shower for the weekend and end up getting a bit grungy. I typically have to use lots of baby wipes, but SwetWipes would solve that problem.

I liked the pleasant coconut scent of the wipes, and I did feel clean after using them. You can use one wipe for your whole body as they contain quite a bit of liquid, so don’t dry out very fast. The wipes are also quite thick, so they don’t disintegrate.

However, my PA felt more comfortable using different wipes for different parts of the body. But I guess it depends on your personal preference.

I love the fact that the wipes are biodegradable and the packaging is also recyclable. Ordinary baby wipes contain plastic which is obviously not good for the environment as they take years to break down. So it’s refreshing to see SwetWipes are eco-friendly and will break down in a matter of weeks, not years. Although you can’t flush them down the toilet.


You can’t use these wipes on your face as it may irritate your eyes nose or mouth. So I had to wash my face separately with soap and water. It’s not really a complaint, though.

My PA didn’t feel comfortable using only one wipe for the whole body, but that may have just been her preference. Apparently, some people do only use one wipe for the entire body, so I guess it’s up to you. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded as they are antibacterial.


I liked the SwetWipes, and I think that they will be beneficial for the occasions when I can’t or don’t want to have a shower for whatever reason. They will be particularly useful when I go to music festivals. I think they will be helpful for many people who can’t have a shower, not just disabled people. They are better than baby wipes because they are larger, thicker, and contain more liquid, so you don’t have to use many of them to wash yourself. Plus I love the fact that they are biodegradable. All in all, they are a great product, and I recommend that you try them yourself.

Thanks for reading my review of SwetWipes. Visit the SwetWipes website for more information: https://www.swetwipes.com/

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