Well, here we are again at the end of another year and Christmas is upon us. 2015 has been a good year for me and it’s been quite busy.

I’ll just run through some of the highlights in no particular order.

  • I graduated from university with my masters in January.
  • I managed to see my favourite band Kodaline for the first time in March and then again at the start of December. The first of which was most memorable for all the wrong reasons!
  • I went on holiday to Paris in May for a week which was great
  • Major building work was completed on my house which made the layout a lot better for me and my carers.
  • I went on holiday to Berlin in October which was really fun.
  • I started writing articles for Disability Now’s website
  • I went clubbing at the Ministry of Sound in London for my birthday which was definitely an interesting and exhausting experience!
  • My first year of blogging which I started in February. I think my blog has been pretty successful this year and I am really grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read anything that I’ve written.

So onto 2016. Not sure what I’m going to be doing next year yet but one major thing which I’m excited about is going to see Coldplay in June in Manchester. I will also probably be going on holiday somewhere in Europe but not sure where yet, need to have a think about that.

Are you doing anything next year that you are particularly excited about?

As for New Year resolutions I think next year I need to procrastinate less. I spend too much time on Facebook just aimlessly scrolling through my timeline, when I could be doing more interesting things. Also I need to learn to lipread better but unfortunately there are no classes nearby so I have to try and learn online. But again I need to procrastinate less in order to do that!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

So, thank you very much for reading this post and thank you if you have read any of my other posts over the year. I very much appreciate your support!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I hope 2016 is everything you wish for.

thanks again,

Alex 🙂

What do you think?

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