A Quadriplegic’s Experience of Getting the Covid Vaccine

On Monday, 8 March, I had my first dose of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. To get it, I had to go to a GP’s surgery in a nearby village. We parked outside and then went in a back door where a one-way system was operating through the practice. I had my jab in the doctor’s office, and then I went back home. Everyone was wearing masks, and it was pretty efficient and well organised.

I’m going to talk about my experience of having the jab so that maybe other people can know what to expect or to reassure those in a similar situation.

I had the vaccine about 11:30 AM Monday morning and felt pretty normal until late afternoon. As the afternoon wore on into the evening, I started to feel cold and had a headache.

That night, I could not sleep a wink because my muscles felt tight and achy; I had a headache, felt cold inside, and had neck ache. So the following day, I felt like crap, basically.

My temperature was raised to about 38°C Tuesday morning. I felt exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything productive, so I spent most of the day watching TV programmes, movies on Netflix, or reading.

I had a short nap in the afternoon, which briefly made me feel a bit better.

I took some paracetamol throughout the day, and this did help with my headache. So I recommend taking paracetamol if you need it.

Having felt so tired all day, I went to bed early on Tuesday night and had a great sleep of about 8 hours. Initially, when I woke up, I felt refreshed and without a headache, which was great.

However, by midday, I still felt lethargic, and my headache resumed. I suspect that it’s because I was still in sleep debt. That, plus the vaccine, has been making people feel tired anyway.

On Wednesday, again, I didn’t feel like doing much productive, so I mostly just chilled out. I still felt the need to take some paracetamol throughout the day to combat a headache.

On Wednesday night, my sleep could have been better, but it could have been worse. I reckon I got about 5 or 6 hours, so as a result, I again felt a bit tired the next day. I felt closer to normal, but still not 100%.  I still felt a bit fuzzy in my head.

Thursday night, I had a really good sleep of probably about 7 or 8 hours. Today, at the time of writing, I feel pretty much back to normal. I don’t have a headache (touch wood), and I don’t feel any other symptoms. So hopefully, the effects of the vaccine have finished. Unless I’ve just jinxed it, of course.

Overall, it’s not been a pleasant experience. It’s probably been the worst vaccine I have ever had. However, I think the fact that I slept poorly this week made me feel even worse on top of the vaccine symptoms. So I don’t know how bad I would have felt if I had slept well every night. I might have felt better, but who knows.

It’s still worth getting the vaccine because despite how unpleasant its side effects were, it’s still a damn sight better than getting Covid 19. I never want to experience having Covid, so I don’t regret having the vaccine, and I recommend that you get it too. Not just for your sake but also for the people around you.

Have you had the vaccine yet? How was it for you? Let me know in the comments


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