Plenty of Covidiots Still Ignoring the Lockdown

#Covidiots is trending again on Twitter as people are ignoring the lockdown.

On VE day a number of people still had street parties regardless of the mounting death toll. A quick browse of the #Covidiots hashtag shows lots of photos of people gathered in the streets while completely ignoring social distancing.

Hundreds of people flocked to parks in London and police were struggling to keep them away.

There is even a video of people doing the conga down the street. They said they were 2 m apart from each other but it’s still not a good idea as the below video explains.

In normal times it would be fine to have a street party, but not during a pandemic.

You can’t have street parties when 700 people are still dying every day from Covid 19.

You can’t have street parties when we have the highest death toll in Europe.

This should not need explaining but here goes anyway.

Gathering in large numbers helps to spread the virus and will push infection and death rates higher.

Don’t go out unless you have a legitimate reason. And if you do go out keep AT LEAST 2 m away from everyone else.

DO NOT have barbecues or house parties and invite all your neighbours and friends. If you do this then you are a moron. A SELFISH moron.

Just stay the fuck at home. Have some common sense.

I haven’t left my home for 8 weeks because I am at higher risk, and it’s galling seeing so many people with such a callous disregard for people like me.

The longer that people continue to ignore the lockdown then the longer the lockdown will be and the more people will die.

Read this post which shows why lockdown is important.

Don’t be a Fucking idiot.

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