Paris Bus Driver Kicks Arse For Wheelchair User

Today I came across a fantastic story regarding a bus driver in Paris.

A man in a wheelchair wanted to board a bus, but the selfish passengers on the bus refused to move to make space for him.

The driver then proceeded to kick ALL the passengers off the bus so the wheelchair user could get on.

He then drove off with only the wheelchair user on board! How fantastic is that!

Read the story here

I seriously hope that the wheelchair user flipped the bird at the other passengers as they drove away. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I have had my fair share ofย problems with bus drivers in the past. And there have been plenty of stories in the national news about disabled people being discriminated against on public transport.

So that makes it all the more refreshing when I see positive stories regarding bus drivers and disabled people.

THIS is exactly the kind of attitude we need from bus drivers. Drivers who care. Drivers who don’t take shit. Drivers who stamp out discrimination whenever it arises.

If people knew that they would be thrown off if they complained about making space for a wheelchair user, then they wouldn’t do it. Discrimination would be stamped out.

I for one applaud this Parisien bus driver and hope that he continues cracking skulls whenever discrimination rears its ugly head.

Bus drivers everywhere could learn a lot from this guy, and I hope they follow his example.

What do you think?

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