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Unfortunately, disabled toilets often get used as store cupboards.

People seem to think “Oh, it’s only the disabled. They won’t mind.”

Oh yeah? Well, we fecking do mind!

We want to be able to do our business without having to clear mops, or other crap out of the way first.

Euan’s guide created an infographic listing 30 of the strangest things people have found being stored in accessible toilets.


Infographic description: Illustration listing 30 of the strangest things disabled people told us they found stored in accessible loos. The thirty things are: confidential documents, chef uniforms, washing machine, Christmas decor, lost property, mountain bike, traffic cones, Venetian mirror, tinned tomatoes, a moped, beer kegs, old mattresses, a pool table, manager’s office, paint tins, games machine, surfboard, 16th century fireplace, Neil Diamond tribute act, bricks, champagne buckets, 600 toilet rolls, staff cloakroom, mannequins and parts, junk for sale, singing mirror, large net of balloons, giant motorbike, broken TVs, and a kitchen sink.

What is the strangest thing that you have found being stored in disabled toilets? Let me know in the comments.

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