Recently I had a stroll down memory lane (merrily blowing up enemies as I went) when I bought the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection on the PC. I used to watch my brother playing Command and Conquer when I was a kid in the 90s, and I thought it was an awesome game.

Command and conquer is a real-time strategy game that was first released in 1995.

The remastered collection contains 2 games, the first being the original Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and the second being Red Alert. Both these games defined the real-time strategy genre when they were first released 25 years ago.

The basic story of Tiberian Dawn is a future war between global terrorists called the brotherhood of nod, and a UN-backed force called the Global Defence Initiative (GDI). Red Alert is set in a different universe where a war is being fought between the Allies and the Soviets.

You can play missions, either as Nod or GDI, which usually involves building a base and an army and destroying the enemy. It’s great fun.

You also have the option of playing Skirmishes which are stand-alone battles against the AI. Plus you can play the multiplayer online and fight against your friends which I’m looking forward to doing some time.

The remastered collection graphics are completely revamped to 4K, so now they look crisp and clean. But you can switch back and forth between the original more pixelated graphics and the modern ones if you want.

They also improve the user interface to make it more user-friendly.


Playing the game is pretty easy for me from an accessibility point of view. Mostly it’s point-and-click to select units and attack the enemy which I can do using my Glassouse. There are also a load of keyboard commands – you can play the game without using the keyboard, but some commands may make things easier.

I can’t use a standard keyboard, so for this, I use open source voice recognition software called Gavpi. I usually use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but this doesn’t work well with games for some reason. Gavpi was designed to work with games, and it does very well.

You can create your own keyboard or mouse press commands and carry them out simply by saying a specific word or phrase. It’s pretty easy to do. If you have trouble using a regular keyboard and I recommend using Gavpi which you can download from here.

The command and conquer games have some cinematic cut scenes played by actors between the missions which tell the story. I am delighted to see that subtitles are automatically shown for these cut scenes. This was one thing I was concerned about beforehand, but it’s great to see that the developers had thought of it.

There are also some accessibility options such as changing the speed of the game, changing the resolution of the screen, a screen reader, and the ability to create your own keyboard bindings. But I haven’t needed to use most of these.

You can choose between the original controls and some modern changes or mix and match if you like. For example, you can select whether you want to click units using the left mouse button or the right. I use the left mouse button, which is much easier for me.


Overall I am very impressed with the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection. The remastered graphics look fantastic, and the gameplay is easy for me from an accessibility point of view. They haven’t changed the gameplay, so it still feels like it did back in the 90s but now with much better graphics and user interface. I highly recommend getting the game if you enjoy real-time strategy games or if you remember playing it back in the day.

If you want to buy the Command and Conquer Remastered Collection yourself, you can do so online by clicking here.


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