YouTube is full of great stuff like funny cat videos and people falling over. But there are also a lot of disabled YouTubers who put out useful videos about their lives. Below I have listed 10 disabled YouTubers who I like and I think that you will too. Check them out.

   1. Zach Anner

Zach has cerebral palsy and he’s a pretty funny guy. In most of these videos he uses various aspects of his disability in the humorous way which makes it fun to watch.

2.     Sitting Pretty Lolo

Lolo is a girl from the US who uses a wheelchair. She talks about all sorts such as dating, fashion tutorials, and everyday challenges.

3.     Robyn Lambird

Robyn is 22, and lives in Australia. She has cerebral palsy, and is also an athlete who plays wheelchair rugby. She does lots of interesting videos about her life and the things she is interested in.

4.     Jordan Bone

Jordan has a spinal cord injury and does videos about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and positivity.

5.     Squirmy and Grubs

Squirmy and Grubs are Shane and Hannah, both from America. Shane has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses a wheelchair, and Hannah is able-bodied. They are boyfriend and girlfriend and they make videos talking about their inter-abled relationship, which a lot of people seem to find a bit unusual.

6.     Hannah Witton

Hannah makes videos about sex and relationships. She is refreshingly candid about almost anything to do with sex that you can imagine. She also has a stoma and she also does videos about how that affects her life.

7.     Wheelsnoheels – Gem Hubbard

gem has a spinal cord injury and her channel is about inspiring, motivating, and educating others. She aims to show that a good life is still possible with a spinal injury.

8.     Aaron Fotheringham

You may have seen videos of Aaron on Facebook before. He is a wheelchair user that does backflips and other crazy stunts in his wheelchair. Tony Hawk has nothing on this guy!

9.     Josh Sundquist

Josh is a comedian, and makes some amazing Halloween costumes. He only has one leg so that allows him to be really creative when it comes to Halloween costumes.

10.   Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is deaf and makes videos about disabilities and chronic illnesses, but also about lifestyle and fashion.

Do you have any other disabled YouTubers that you like? Let me know in the comments.


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