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Even though we don’t want to admit it, Valentine’s Day could be a depressing day for all the single people out there who are still looking for that special someone. If someone has been single for a longer period of time and if this is not the first Valentine’s Day they are spending alone, this day can be even more blue. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that only couples can have fun – no matter what your story is, you should also do whatever you can to make this day about you. You should learn to embrace your singleness, figure out you’re special and that being single on V-Day is nothing embarrassing and try to find ways in which you can spend this day the best you can.

Here are a couple of ideas:

Surround yourself with single people

Perhaps the best way in which you could spend your Valentine’s Day this year is by surrounding yourself with all the single people from your life. This could either be a night out or a party at your house, but having all the people who are not taken this Valentine’s Day might be extremely productive. Not only will you celebrate your singleness together, but you can also meet somebody new (especially if you opt to throw a singles party where everyone can invite everyone who’s single). This is also always better than online dating! You can find many singles parties all around the UK or Australia, for example, so this is one way not to be alone for this year’s most romantic day.

Embrace who you are

Depression is always quite a tricky topic, and it’s very important to talk about it. People who are depressed and single have the tendency of being even more depressed on this day, mostly because of the pressure the society puts on us. However, there are many reasons why someone is single. Perhaps it’s very difficult for disabled people to find that special someone, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen eventually. LGBT people also fall into this category, mostly because of their family not letting them be who they are or because of the pressure of the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, this is the time for you to embrace who you are and be satisfied with yourself. So this year, make a list of all the things you are good at, or the things that make you special. It’s very important to feel unique.

Focus on your hobbies

Speaking of embracing and showing who you really are, a great way to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day is by focusing on your hobbies and things that matter. You don’t have to show love to your special someone this year, but to your hobby, and we all know how much hobbies are important. I started collecting Pusheen in Australia, so this year I will, for example, take each of them and remember the story of how I bought it. Not only going down the memory lane is healthy, but it can also bring you back some times that you think are long forgotten and that will make you feel happier and more special. So yes, focus on your hobby this year. Enrich your collection or do the activity that you like.


Finally, this holiday is a great opportunity to pack your bags with your best friend or a loved member of your family, and go to a short road trip around the country, or if you have some time off, to a distant country. Sightseeing and meeting new cultures and falling in love with Earth is a great activity for any Valentine’s Day. So that you could show the love you have for yourself, you can book a ticket to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Spend there a couple of nights, see what that destination has to offer and why it’s unique, and who knows – perhaps you’ll meet someone there (even though this should not be the most important thing to do!)

Yes, being single, depressed or suffering from social anxiety on Valentine’s Day is never a good thing. Surrounding yourself with the people you love, loving yourself and trying to stay positive are the most important things that you can do for yourself. Remember this – Valentine’s Day is only one day and it will pass. The love you have for yourself will not. It should always be there.


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