Hydrotherapy can be great for people with high muscle tone like me. I’ve started going to hydrotherapy in Lincoln almost once a week now.

There is a place in Lincoln called NavHydro where they have a 17-foot hydrotherapy pool. It’s not a normal swimming pool, more like a cross between a hot tub and a swimming pool. Or even like a big bath.


I have 30 minutes with a physiotherapist once a week and I do some exercise on my arms and legs and then just float about trying to relax my muscles.

The water is kept about 35°C which is nice and soothing. Plus they have water jets so they can make it like a Jacuzzi. You can increase the strength of the jets if you want to simulate swimming against the tide. But I don’t do that because I would get swept away like a leaf on a raging river. I have the buoyancy of a brick.

In the changing room they have a mobile hoist so I can get hoisted out of my chair, and they also have a changing table. I then go onto a seat that lifts up and into the pool.


Each 30 minute hydrotherapy session with a physiotherapist costs £45. I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to do a bit of exercise and it helps to relax my muscles. I tend to get a lot of spasms so anything that could help with that is a good thing.


If you have spasms or tightness in your muscles then why not give hydrotherapy a go. The warm water can also help you sleep better at night so there are many benefits! Click here for a good list of the health benefits of swimming in warm water.



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