If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… Lindap.

*Cue the A team music*

Lindap are a charity based in Lincolnshire which designs, makes, or adapts specialist equipment for disabled people – if suitable equipment is not commercially available. They are a group of volunteers with a variety of skills who offer their services for free in order to improve the lives of disabled people.

NOTE: if you live outside of Lincolnshire contact Remap which operates nationally.


Amongst their ranks are qualified mechanics, electricians, carpenters, and more. All with the sole purpose of solving problems and making lives a bit easier. And did I mention that they do it for FREE? It’s a fantastic service.

Have a look at this page to see some of the innovative things they have made for people. The Coat hanger is especially impressive!

If no piece of equipment is commercially available then Lindap can make it for you.

I recently contacted Lindap to ask if they could help me. I asked if they could find a way to attach my powerchair football bumper to my new chair. Up until now I have had to use my old powerchair because there was no way to attach it to my new powerchair.

I wanted to use my new chair instead because it is faster and powerchair football is a sport where speed is important. So I contacted Lindap and a gentleman called Doug came out to my home to see what could be done.

He quickly came up with a plan of action, took some measurements, and then went away to craft the required part that would allow the bumper to attach to my chair.

A few days later Doug came back and fitted the part to my chair and now the bumper fits perfectly onto my new chair. Hurrah!

Doug also noticed that the wheel on the bumper was wobbling a bit (which it has been for some time). So he took the wheel away to fix it as all the wobbling had damaged it a bit.

The finished design in all its glory

I thought it was going to be a complex job but it didn’t seem to be too much trouble for Doug, who has 30 years experience as a mechanic.

Overall I am very pleased with the outcome and I look forward to testing the bumper out for the first time with my new chair when I play powerchair football again.

As I mentioned, Lindap are run by volunteers and they are always looking for more people to join their ranks. So if you like making things and are quite handy, and want to make a real difference to people’s lives why not give them a call.

If you have a problem that you think Lindap could help with get in touch with them.

Donate to Lindap by clicking here and help them to continue improving disabled people’s lives.

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