There are a decent variety of bars and pubs in Lincoln, but which ones are wheelchair accessible?

It’s difficult to find out whether bars are accessible on the Internet because there didn’t seem to be much information out there. Only a few bars actually have accessibility information on their website which doesn’t help. And even if they do often it’s just a tiny little wheelchair icon at the bottom of the page that you can easily miss. So I thought I would try to fill the gap and create a list of Wheelchair accessible bars in Lincoln so that any disabled people who want to go to these places can rest assured that they would be able to get in. All of the places on this list have step-free access and I have personally been to them myself.

There are probably some bars that I haven’t been to, so please do suggest any that I have missed. So without further ado here is a list of accessible bars and pubs in Lincoln that I have visited so far. Also check out my guide to accessible restaurants in Lincoln.

The Mailbox


Address: 20 Guildhall Street, Lincoln LN1 1TR

This is a really cool bar that I go to quite often. They serve a wide variety of craft beer and do some good food. There is not a massive variety of food – it’s mostly burgers or hotdog type stuff. If you want something healthy then it’s probably best to go somewhere else. The bar does have a step free entrance though, and the main bar area is on the level. The place has a nice laid-back atmosphere to it; as people can play games consoles, watch TV, charge their phones or print stuff for free.

Disabled Toilet: Yes, with a radar lock

The Lincolnshire Poacher

Address: Bunkers Hill, Lincoln, LN2 4QT

This pub has good level wheelchair access throughout. There are many places to sit, and lots of tables. They also do some really nice pub food. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Disabled toilet: yes

Lincoln Bierkeller

Address: 13-14, Silver St, Lincoln LN2 1DY

This place is by far my favourite bar in Lincoln! It’s a traditional Bavarian style beer hall, and it has everything you would expect. There are long tables and benches, big steins of beer, the staff wear lederhosen, And they even have a German Oompah band on Saturdays.

I went on the Saturday evening and the atmosphere was fantastic! The DJ was playing some great tunes and everyone was standing up on the benches dancing. There is level access throughout, although there was an area downstairs which I don’t think is accessible. It was very busy, but the bouncer cleared a path for me to get to an area at the back where the disabled toilet was. I can’t wait to go back!

Disabled Toilet: Yes

Home Nightclub

Address: 4 Park St, Lincoln LN1 1UF


Although this is a nightclub, the bar area is open during the day too serving drinks and
food. There is a lift which will take you to all 5 floors and the staff are very helpful. The entrance is step free and access inside is very spacious and on the level. No problems with wheelchair access here.

Disabled Toilet: Yes, two of them with Radar Locks – one on the third floor and one on the fifth floor.

William Foster

Address: Guildhall Street, Lincoln LN1 1TT


This is a pub which is opposite the Mailbox. They have a step-free entrance, and level access inside. The food is okay, but nothing to write home about. It’s a decent place though.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

Rogue Saint

Address: 33 Mint St, Lincoln LN1 1UB


This is an Irish themed bar, and as you would expect, the interior decoration reflects that fact. Although the main entrance has a number of steps leading up to it, they do have an accessible entrance to the right of it. There is a bit of step to this entrance though but they do have a ramp, of sorts. It’s a Toblerone-like bit of wood – and I’m not sure if it actually helped or not – but I did manage to get in in my manual chair. In my Powerchair it may have been a bit more difficult though. I’ve only been here once but I happened to drop in whilst a band was playing traditional Irish folk music, which was an interesting experience. Apparently they have live music quite often which is probably worth checking out.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

The Slug and Lettuce


Address: 274-277 High St, Lincoln LN2 1JG

The Main Entrance has a step before it, but to their credit, they are one of the few places that actually have a portable metal ramp.  Just ask the staff and they will bring out for you. The Interior is level access and there is a good amount of space. This bar serves some good food and drink.

Disabled Toilet: Yes, with Radar Lock



Address: 233-237 High St, Lincoln LN2 1AT

The Walkabout, in case you’ve never been to one of these before, is a pretty cool Australian themed sports bar. The entrance and main room is all on the level, apart from a section of seating along the side which is up a step. There is a Private bookable room upstairs, but there is no lift unfortunately.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

The Cardinal’s Hat


Address: 268 High St, Lincoln LN2 1HW

This pub is in a grade 2 listed building, which makes the fact that it has step free access even better. The main bar area is all level access, but there are some rooms upstairs which wheelchair users probably won’t be able to get to, as there is no lift. If you go here I highly recommend trying one of the food platters on the menu. I had one with a selection of cold Italian meats, Artisan bread, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and Quince jelly.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

The Square Sail


Address: Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln LN1 1YW

This is a Wetherspoon’s pub, so they serve the typical Wetherspoon’s food and drink. It’s got level access throughout and there are lots of chairs and tables to choose from. At night they clear the tables from the dancefloor and have a DJ playing dance music. It’s got a pretty good atmosphere.

Disabled Toilet: Yes, with a Radar Lock.

The Electric Bar

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Fifth Floor, Brayford Wharf N, Lincoln LN1 1YW

A lift in the foyer of the hotel will take you up to the fifth floor where the Electric bar is located. This is probably one of the poshest and most stylish bars in the city, with spectacular views over the Brayford waterfront and beyond. The interior is sleek and modern with a good amount of room to manoeuvre a wheelchair.  They serve some delicious food. I had egg, ham, and chips, and it was probably the best egg, ham, and chips I’ve ever had.

Disabled Toilet: Yes


Address: 10 Park St, Lincoln LN1 1UF

This place has steps leading up to the front door so it doesn’t look accessible, but they do have a side entrance that is wheelchair accessible. So just ask one of the staff to open the door for you and you will be able to get in. They do some pretty good food and drink here too.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

Royal William IV

Address: 1 Brayford Wharf E, Lincoln LN1 1YX

This is a traditional pub on the Brayford waterfront. They have good wheelchair access and although the bar is on a different level inside they have a ramp leading up to it, so it’s all good. They do decent food here; but it’s not the best pub food I have ever had.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

 Vice & Co.

Address: 29-31 Corporation St, Lincoln LN1 1ER

This is a 1920s speakeasy style cocktail bar, and it looks really cool. During the day it looks like just a normal electrical store. But, this is just a front, as through a secret door way you can access the cocktail bar. The  place is on two levels, with a bar area  at ground floor and another seating area downstairs.

Only the bar area upstairs is wheelchair accessible and there is not a lot of room to manoeuvre around. Only one table is easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Disabled Toilet: Yes

That is pretty much all the bars that I can think of in Lincoln that I’ve been to. Hopefully this information will be  useful to you if you are  thinking of visiting any of these places. If you know of any more that are accessible please comment and let me know.



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